Aerial Photography Melbourne

Aerial photography – the alternative way to capture a property’s unique selling points

Aerial photography is growing in demand with clients keen to present their property from the air as it creates a whole new dimension and helps buyers see the property in a completely new setting.

Aerial photography is particularly useful for coastal or country properties where location is an important part of the selling proposition. It helps to show the distinct features of a property, for example a beautiful large, landscaped garden and swimming pool, and its proximity to surrounding areas.

Shooting from a helicopter gives great all round visibility and with the doors open, there is no reflection or glare from windows which helps to produce the best quality images. Photographing from a helicopter is a way to get close to a property and swiftly move around to get multiple viewpoints.  It really is a whole new way to market a property!

Aerial photography from a helicopter can be expensive but we offer great discounts when we organise multiple projects in one flight. Contact us for more information or call the office on 03 9842 7243. Please also note that aerial photography is weather dependent and it is essential that we shoot on a clear day.

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