Real Estate Photography Melbourne

Real estate videos that add a new dimension to marketing a property

A video tour is a great way for clients to capture the atmosphere of a property and they’re an ideal addition to your property marketing toolkit. Today it seems that everyone is online, including your prospective buyers so why not promote your property online too? Our videos provide a virtual tour of your property which prospective clients can view time and time again, both prior to and after they’ve visited the property.

Our real estate photographers are trained to record stunning videos and their experience in real estate photography means that they capture the best angles of a property.  After shooting, our video and audio editor will create a beautiful high quality High Definition (HD) video to your specifications, which can include a professional voiceover highlighting any unique features of the property. The HD video can be used on any website or sent via email. You can even share it on social media.

For more information on our real estate videos, send us a message on the Contact page or call the office on 03 9842 7243.


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